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Wed, 12 Nov 2008 00:00:00 GMT
The company is selected as one of the “2007 fourth session of China most vitality hundred strong enterprise” list

Good news: Knew from May 25, in 2007 China's industry and commerce Times, the "fourth session of China most vitality hundred strong enterprise " activity, jointly sponsored by TMVC, MCEC and Chinese International Friendship Promotion agency, Chinese industry and commerce newspaper office, Chinese science and technology industry magazine company and so on, in recently makes known the result, our company is selected as " fourth session of China most vitality hundred strong enterprise " and place 41th, ranking first in Fujian Province.

According to the understanding, this evaluation activity took " vitality " as evaluation standard, displayed the vitality to be stronger, the management achievement was more splendid this subject, carried on the evaluation with the subjective target and the objective target, including the enterprise’s growth age limit, the enterprise’s profits and taxes, the enterprise’s crisis treatment, product innovation, management innovation, service innovation, marketing innovation as well as the brand strength, the competitive power, the specialized level, the enterprise humanities, Executive Ability of enterprise culture and so on various aspects content, and has carried on the innovation evaluation to the enterprise.



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